Why is the Nintendo Switch Sold Out & Where Can I Buy It?

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Having a hard time finding the Nintendo Switch? Styles such as the Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con and the Grey Joy-Con with Console are starting to be tough to find. Due to COVID-19, production on these have stopped, and the demand is rising quickly. Places like Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon are selling out of these daily. 

Here are a few links to help you find these products in-store and online! Stay safe, we hope you can find one! 

*please note: sites like Walmart have 3rd party sellers. If the price is above, $299.99, you are not purchasing from the retail store, it is coming from a 3rd party*

*Links are clickable*
If you really need one quick, search ebay - here 

Switch Console w/ Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con

nintendo switch neon blue red joy con in stock for sale
Switch Console w/ Grey Joy-Con
Animal Crossing Special Edition Console
animal crossing nintendo switch for sale in stock
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