Invest in Mike Trout Rookie Cards?

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Michael Nelson Trout is the modern day Mickey Mantle. We already know he’s a lock for the hall of fame, with his numbers and personal achievements he does not need a world series ring to solidify his spot in Cooperstown. He’s the greatest in his sport and right now a huge focus in the card market is on the best players. He is literally batting a career .305 BA - 9 years in the bigs. His rookie card in my opinion is highly undervalued. I expect to see an increase this upcoming season once it kicks into gear. PSA 10 Population report on this card is about 4700. Investing in a Trout is solid for a few reasons:
⚾️ No sign of slowing down. Trout is playing to his full potential each year. Just got his 3rd AL MVP this year.
⚾️ Just signed a huge extension. Increases fan support, great for card value.
⚾️ Hot take: 2020 Topps Project series will keep the focus on his 2011 rookie for a while.
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